Former He Group Members

Graduate Students

Dr. Yukiko Mishima 2001-2006 Industry  
Dr. Erica Marie Duguid 2002-2008 High School Teacher  
Dr. Peng Chen 2002-2007 Professor and Chairman. Peking University
Ms. Jiz Xu (M.S.) 2003-2005 Industry  
Dr. Zigang Li 2004-2009 Professor Peking University  
Dr. Uddhav Shigdel 2004-2009 Scientists Warp Drive Bio, LLC
Dr. Xing Jian 2003-2011 Postdoctoral Fellow NIH
Dr. Chad Brouwer 2005-2011 Scientist NIH
Dr. Chengqi Yi 2006-2011 Professor Peking University
Dr. Seraphine Wegner 2006-2011 Professor University of Munster
Dr. David Capretto 2007-2012 Engagement Manager McKinsey & Co.
Dr. Catherine Poor 2007-2012 Scientist OPX Biotechnologies, Inc.
Dr. Pedro Brugarolas 2007-2012 Assistant Professor Harvard Medical School/MGH
Dr. Fei Sun 2008-2012 Associate Professor The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Dr. Guanqun Zheng 2008-2012 Manager Molecular Biology Kermin Industries
Dr. Ye Fu 2008-2013 Manager Plaisance
Dr. Elizabeth Wiltrout 2008-2012 Manager Tufts Medical Center
Dr. Kyle Dolan 2008-2012 Science Counselor British Consulate
Dr. Jason Karpus 2008-2016 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Chicago
Dr. Chunxiao Song 2009-2013 Group Leader Ludwig Cancer Research/Oxford University
Dr. Mike Bosscher 2010-2014 Assistant Professor Trinity Christian College
Dr. Quanjiang Ji 2010-2014 Assistant Professor ShanghaiTech University
Dr. Miao Yu 2011-2015 Assistant Professor Fudan University
Dr. Xiao Wang 2011-2015 Assistant Professor Core Member Broad Institute/MIT
Dr. Zoya Cheglakov 2011-2014 Scientist
Dr. Xingyu Lu 2011-2015
Ms. Yuxin Xie (M.S.) 2011-2014
Dr. Boxuan Zhao 2013-2017 Postdoctoral Fellow Stanford University
Dr. Lisheng Zhang 2013-2018 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Chicago
Dr. Qiancheng You 2013-2019 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Chicago
Dr. Ian Roundtree 2014-2017 Resident MGH/Harvard Medical School
Dr. Hailing Shi 2014-2019 Postdoctoral Fellow Broad Institute MIT
Dr. Phil Hsu 2015-2018 MD/PhD Program University of Chicago
Dr. Zijie Scott Zhang 2016-2020 Professor Yunnan University
Dr. Tong Wu 2015-2020 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Chicago
Dr. Allen Zhu 2017-2021 MD/PhD Program University of Chicago
Dr. Cody He 2018-2021 MD/PhD Program University of Chicago

Postdoctoral Associates

Dr. Zhangjie Shi 2002-2004 Professor Fudan University
Dr. Yong Cui 2003-2005 Professor Shanghai Jiaotong University
Dr. Caiguang Yang 2004-2008 Professor Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica
Dr. Junliang Zhang 2004-2006 Professor East China Normal University
Dr. Jing Zhao 2006-2007 Professor Nanjing University
Dr. Ekaterina Korobkova 2005-2007 Professor John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Dr. Zhihai Qiu 2005-2008 Scientist
Dr. Hao Chen 2005-2009 Associate Professor Nanjing University
Dr. Lianghua Lu 2006-2009 Scientist
Dr. Satoshi Nishida 2006-2010 Scientist
Dr. Shangdong Yang 2007-2009 Professor Lanzhou University
Dr. Lefu Lan 2007-2010 Professor Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica
Dr. Jing Ren 2008-2009 Journal manager
Dr. Guifanj Jia 2008-2012 Associate Professor Peking University
Dr. Baikuntha Aryal 2008-2011 Scientist
Dr. Salih Ozcubukcu 2008-2011 Assistant Professor Middle East Technical University
Dr. Lu Zhou 2008-2012 Assistant Professor Fudan University Shanghai Medical College
Dr. Liang Zhang 2009-2014 Professor Shanghai Jiaotong University
Dr. Jin Wang 2009-2014 Professor Peking University
Dr. Xin Deng 2010-2015 Assistant Professor Nankai University
Dr. Haihua Liang 2010-2013 Professor Northwest University, China
Dr. Jianzhao Liu 2012-2016 Professor Zhejiang University, China
Dr. Yanan Yue 2012-2016 Scientist
Dr. Louis Dore 2012-2016 Scientist
Dr. Dali Han 2012-2017 Professor Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Guanzheng Luo 2013-2017 Professor Sun Yat-sen University
Dr. Dan Dominissini 2013-2016 Assistant Professor Tel-Aviv University
Dr. Fange Liu 2013-2017 Assistant Professor University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Honghui Ma 2014-2016 Associate Professor Tongji University
Dr. Siggy Nachtergaele 2014-2019 Assistant Professor Yale University
Dr. Claire Weekly 2015-2018 Postdoctoral Scholar University of Melbourne
Dr. Ji Nie 2016-2019
Dr. Qili Fei 2016-2019 Professor Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen
Dr. Ziyang Hao 2015-2019 Assistant Professor Capital University of Medical Sciences
Dr. Huiqing Zhou 2017-2020 Assistant Professor Boston College
Dr. Pingping Zhu 2018-2020 Professor Zhengzhou University
Dr. Thomas Lu 2015-2020 Assistant Professor Indiana University
Dr. Jun Liu 2015-2020 Assistant Professor Peking University
Dr. Lulu Hu 2016-2020 Assistant Professor Fudan University Medical School
Dr. Qiancheng You 2013-2020 Director R&D Epican Genetech
Dr. Xi Gu 2018-2020 Senior Scientist Epican Genetech


Dr. Yong Qian 2002-2004 Professor Nanjing Normal University
Dr. Xiacheng Weng 2013-2015 Associate Professor Wuhan University
Dr. Fang Wang 2013-2015 Associate Professor Wuhan University
Dr. Xinxia Wang 2015-2016 Professor Zhejiang University
Dr. Hongsheg Wang 2016-2017 Associate Professor Sun Yat-sen University
Dr. Zhuijoia Chen 2016-2017 Associate Professor
Dr. Caiping Tan 2016-2017 Associate Professor Sun Yat-sen University
Dr. Kangkang Yu 2016-2017 Sichuan University
Dr. Song-Mei Liu 2016-2017 Associate Professor Hospital Wuhan University School of Medicine
Dr. Yawei Gao 2016-2018 Associate Professor Tongji University
Dr. Rujuan Liu 2017-2018 Assistant Professor ShanghaiTech University
Mr. Lei Yang 2019-2020 PhD Student Tongji University
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